by Gbadamosi ‘Tofarati /Zhee Dimensions and Hassan Anifowose/Chronos Studeos

stromectol otc price Are you an architect or 3d artist or maybe both? We live in a world where perceptions play a vital role in determining value. How do you see the glass, half full of Half Empty? We find our interpretations applicable in areas like branding, the stock market, currencies, Architecture and even in the illustrations of a 3D artist.

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sirdalud in usa WHO IS THE ARCHITECT?

phenergan syrup price To be a licensed Architect, it requires formal training in a higher institution, professional internships and a professional practice competence examination.

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buy leukeran for dogs Who is a 3D Artist?

proviron uk This profession/hobby/calling is very unique, mainly in it’s combination of artistry and technology to create still or moving 3D creations. Three-dimensional (3D) artists may specialize in a variety of areas such as films, games etc. A 3D Artist who specializes (trained) in Architectural works is called an Arch (Architectural) Viz (Visualization) Artist.

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clindamycin phosphate topical gel prescription Great Architects have been able to see great buildings well ahead of their time because of their power to visualize. Beautiful! But the client needs to see exactly what the architect sees. So the architect draws and sketches to give the client a decent representation.  The professional 3D artist is able to deliver illustrations similar to real-life, therefore increasing the chances for the project being adopted. Great projects are developed faster today because clients were able to see well beyond the lines. In Africa, we would say that the Architect and the 3D Artist are sons of the same mother. They both complement each other, in changing the skyline as we once knew it.

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lobate g cream price THE THIN LINE *COMMON GROUND*

celadrin joint cream price There is no doubt that an individual can play both roles. In fact it is more than likely to see an architect possess the skill required by the 3D artist than any other profession apart from film – definitely an added advantage! In recent past, the older architects would hire young budding Arch Viz Artists who were also aspiring architects. Today it’s pretty difficult to find an intern architect without any form of Arch Viz knowledge. This connotes that in future, the line between the Architect and the Arch Viz Artists will be vague. Many architects would find it challenging to survive without 3D.


tenovate m price There are architects who get all up in arms that there is no way an artist who does nothing but make pretty pictures and has no liability should be paid or given some form of recognition as a licensed architect. I’m not going to even try and debate that point except to say that it can be very difficult to find good artists who are willing to work for Architectural firms. Most of the best artists are freelancers and they work for themselves, and since they can make good money that way, firms have to pay good money to get them. Architects can do the work of 3D artists but not all 3D Artists are trained to what Architects do.

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diprovate plus lotion buy CONCLUSION

benfotiamine on prescription Definitely, each person’s work carries a different value which must be attributed to it and duly paid for. The client pays the Architect (who sometimes pays the 3D artist), or the client pays the 3D artist in a separate engagement.

glucovance tablet price in pakistan They both have their defined roles and cannot substitute each other. 3D Visualization may not be mandatory to be an Architect, but it has a trending future in architecture.

A well-composed rendering is a powerful mode of communication, valuable in architectural education and even more so in architectural practice- Architizer.

Images courtesy Architizer.