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Architecture is a visual art and the buildings speak for themselves.


Architectural Designs and illustrations

We design to your taste

This represents an exclusive series of our African approach toward ensuring that your design are conceived within the geographical context, set and  environment where it would exist and not alienated from it. Our collection of designs are nothing but a “green”, cost friendly and environmentally safe approach towards ensuring that our traditional materials, techniques produce stunning and irresistible concepts.

We design buildings- that is what we are pros at and we bring the designs to life through stunning photo realistic images.

Building construction supervision

Every step of the way

We work with other consultants to ensure that buildings are built to specification with respect to quality of method and materials.

Interior Design and Building Remodelling

The power to transform

This represents an exclusive series of our African home decor touch of interior design to make the native man appreciate the home value of our culture with exquisite furniture style… Bamboo, Timber, Straw and even clay have been properly studied and are used as core elements for design.

Turnkey Project Packaging

Comprehensive Housing Delivery

The process of acquiring your homes , offices and building infrastructure just got easier.